Cambodia attracts US$40 billion in investment, with Chinese investment accounting for 76%​


[INNEWS Comprehensive Report] According to data, in the first nine months of 2023, the Cambodia Development Council attracted nearly US$40 billion in capital inflows, of which Chinese investment accounted for as much as 76%.

On October 24, Chea Vuthy, deputy secretary-general of the Development Council of Cambodia, held working talks with a delegation led by Lin Shiqiang, executive chairman of the Fujian Chamber of Commerce in Chenzhou City, China.

The purpose of this meeting is to listen to the opinions from the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in order to better improve Cambodia’s investment environment. ​

During the meeting, Chea Vuthy, deputy secretary-general of the Development Council of Cambodia, emphasized the importance of the Chenzhou Fujian Chamber of Commerce delegation attending the meeting, which highlighted the importance of Cambodia-China investment cooperation and other cooperation. He expressed appreciation for China’s increased investment in Cambodia, especially the increase in investment in manufacturing. The Chenzhou Fujian Chamber of Commerce delegation expressed its gratitude to Chea Vuthy for arranging this working meeting, which shows that the Development Council of Cambodia attaches great importance to Chinese investors.

In this regard, Chea Vuthy said that the new investment law stipulates 19 priority areas, of which the two most popular areas are investment in high technology, innovation, research, development, and investment in agriculture and agricultural products that serve the domestic market or export. Processing industry, food processing industry.

Currently, the Development Council of Cambodia has a China Desk, which is a mechanism specifically designed to solve the problems of Chinese investors and provide them with advice and assistance. Chea Vuthy hopes that the China Chamber of Commerce can continue to help improve Cambodia’s investment environment. ​

It is understood that on November 13 this year, the Cambodian government will host the 19th Royal Government-Private Sector Forum under the auspices of Prime Minister Hun Manet. Investors can bring challenges they face to the field team and solve problems that cannot be solved at the team level. For those issues that cannot be resolved, the problem must be reported to the government responsible person recommended in the forum. Participants at the forum will have the opportunity to interact with senior government officials and other key players to better understand industry trends and opportunities.