Cambodia bans seven categories of people from entering casinos and strictly enforces them!


[INNEWS Comprehensive Report] The Cambodian Commercial Gambling Management Committee announced on October 5 that in order to strengthen the implementation of existing laws and regulations, it will strictly prohibit Cambodian people and other specific groups from entering casino gambling.

The announcement details that according to the Gambling Regulations, the following groups of people are strictly prohibited from participating in gambling in casinos or commercial establishments: those who are deemed mentally ill, financially incapacitated or declared bankrupt by the court; those who are under the influence of alcohol and drugs; those who carry various weapons ; persons under the age of 18; people of Cambodia, including the armed forces, public officials and elected citizens; and persons working in casinos or commercial gaming establishments.

In order to ensure that the above-mentioned restricted groups are indeed unable to gamble in casinos, the General Secretary of the Cambodian Commercial and Gambling Regulatory Commission has formulated the following regulations for all casinos and operators to comply: clearly demarcate gambling venues and set up appropriate signs to distinguish them; prohibiting gambling at the entrance of the casino Signs restricting specific groups must be erected everywhere; security forces and mechanisms must be established to effectively monitor the entry of gamblers; persons listed as prohibited from gambling are prohibited from entering and these persons must be expelled from gambling establishments; and updated reports on restrictions on casino visitors must be maintained .

In addition, if any casino is found to have failed to comply with the above regulations, the Commercial Gambling Management Committee will impose corresponding penalties in accordance with existing laws.