Cambodia will export 500,000 tons of dried cassava to China by the end of the year​


[INNEWS Comprehensive Report] Cambodia is about to start a new chapter in directly exporting 500,000 tons of dried cassava chips to the Chinese market.

Choun Makara, chairman of the Cambodia Safe Vegetable Community Alliance, said that since 2022, the alliance has been conducting close negotiations and research with Chinese enterprises to ensure that the quality and price of dried cassava chips exported to the Chinese market are competitive.

Choun Makara emphasized that the cost of exporting dried cassava chips to the Chinese market is not much higher than the cost of selling to traders in Thailand and Vietnam. This will provide more markets and options for Cambodian cassava growers. He also revealed that Cambodia has signed a contract with a Chinese company to directly ship dried cassava chips to China.

It is worth mentioning that this new export business has resulted in better cassava prices compared to last year. However, due to drought at the beginning of the year, the planting area decreased by about 30%. Despite this, Cambodia still has 700 to 900,000 hectares of cassava area. Currently, the price of dried cassava exceeds 820 riel (approximately US$0.21) per kilogram.

The Cambodian government is also actively supporting the development of the cassava industry. The country’s National Cassava Policy 2020-2025 aims to shift traditional or household cassava production to commercial cassava production and implement technical principles to enable farmers to achieve high incomes, sustainable land use and agro-climate resilience. The government is also supporting cassava processors to improve efficiency to make this potential product more valuable to supply markets and attract more investment in the cassava industry.

In terms of enhancing trade competitiveness, Cambodia is doing so by penetrating and capturing market share, improving trade facilitation, reducing unnecessary costs, and coordinating with relevant export departments.

Recently, Dith Tina, Cambodian Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, met with the Cambodia Safe Vegetable Community Alliance and expressed congratulations on the upcoming export of dried cassava chips to the Chinese market. He pledged to help support exports of dried cassava chips and encouraged Chinese investors to invest more in rice and other potential products such as cashews and longans.

In addition, Dith Tina will promote the establishment of a new model of agricultural community that has the budget, experienced human resources, clear leadership structure, strong and capable of large-scale production, reduce production costs, and provide quality products in a sustainable market .