Cambodian government calls on people to stop sharing violent images and respect victims’ families


[INNEWS Comprehensive Report] Cambodian government spokesperson Pen Bona posted a message on social media on October 9, calling on social media users and journalists to stop sharing images of murder and violence that violate personal rights, so as to jointly maintain social order and human dignity.

Pen Bona pointed out that in other countries, especially in developed countries, the media does not report stories of robberies, traffic accidents or violent murders as important news. They often write short news stories on the inside pages and do not include pictures unless it is special news or news related to public figures. Because posting these bloody photos will have a negative impact and infringe on the rights of others. Everyone knows this moral code, especially intellectuals, academics and journalists. “Why don’t some media understand this? What human rights activist wants to see images of violence, lack of respect for individual rights, and lack of professional ethics on the front page of the news?”​ he said.

Pen Bona said that in order to gain attention and click-through rates, some media publish false information and maliciously attack others or the government, which completely violates professional ethics. As a “veteran” who has been in the media industry for 30 years, Bloomberg called on reporters to stick to their positions and strongly called on colleagues to stop using violent images and posting content that infringes on other people’s privacy on social media, and work together to purify the media environment and reduce violence. Images contribute. ​

The Ministry of Information of Cambodia urgently calls out: Block violent pictures and respect the families of the victims

On October 7, Cambodian Minister of Information Neth Pheaktra loudly called on all social media users, especially journalists, to immediately stop sharing violent or murderous pictures and videos on Facebook, TikTok and other platforms. Because these cruel pictures and videos have made the families of the victims miserable and severely traumatized.

Recently, a series of shocking murders have occurred in Cambodia. Pictures and videos of these cases have spread wildly on social networks, arousing social attention. In her appeal, Neth Pheaktra stressed that all users of social media, especially journalists, must respect professional ethics and press regulations and must not publish and disseminate such images of violence and murder.

Neth Pheaktra said, “These cruel images harm not only the mental and emotional health of the victims’ families, but also the mental and emotional health of everyone.” He called on everyone, especially journalists, to abide by journalistic professional ethics and not publish and disseminate these images of violence and murder.

Neth Pheaktra recommends that you add mosaics when posting images to protect the privacy of victims. He emphasized, “This is both respect for professional ethics and respect for the victims.