Cambodian models will appear in Dior fashion show to show the beauty of Khmer to the world


[INNEWS Comprehensive Report] Paris, France is about to usher in a world-class fashion feast, and Cambodian model Alex You will be the pride of Cambodia to appear in this event hosted by the Dior fashion brand.

As a French model of Khmer origin, Alex You has always had a dream, which is to bring Cambodian traditional Khmer clothing to the international stage. This time at the Dior fashion brand’s event, his dream finally came true. Alex You said that this was a great honor for him and a compliment to Cambodia.

Alex You revealed that after receiving an invitation from the Dior fashion brand event, he chose to show off in traditional Khmer clothing without hesitation. He believes this will not only raise the profile of traditional Cambodian culture, but also fulfills his dream as a model of Khmer origin.

It is understood that Alex You changed his career from a player to an actor, model, and spokesperson. With his excellent performance and outstanding image, he has won the support and love of the masses. Whenever he attends international events, he wears Khmer silk clothing made by Cambodians to showcase Cambodia’s unique charm.

Alex You said: “I was truly honored to have the world-class brand Dior as a guest of honor at a private party in Paris, and especially and proud to be wearing Khmer silk garments made by Cambodians.”

Many netizens also expressed that they are very much looking forward to Alex You’s wonderful performance in Dior fashion brand activities!