Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet Holds First Cabinet Meeting


[INNEWS Comprehensive Report] On the morning of August 24, the Seventh Royal Government of Cambodia held its first cabinet plenary meeting. The meeting was chaired by the new Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Manet, and was broadcast live on Prime Minister Hun Manet’s official Facebook page.

At this cabinet plenary meeting, Prime Minister Hun Manet issued a statement on “Cambodia’s 2023-2028 Policy and Pentagonal Strategy”. He announced that he would focus on implementing the first phase of the “Pentagonal Strategy”, which focuses on strengthening the effectiveness of the legal and judicial sectors. Improving and enhancing the rule of law and the effectiveness of the judiciary is a strategic objective that focuses on strengthening the rule of law, strengthening the fight against injustice, and increasing Cambodian public trust in the judiciary.

At the same time, Hun Manet also announced to promote and strengthen the integrity of public management. Its strategic goal is to focus on strengthening the integrity, integrity and credibility of public management, and contribute to social, economic, environmental and sustainable development.

According to reports, through the first phase of the Pentagonal Strategy, the Seventh Royal Government will also continue to strengthen and reform the strategic objectives of various ministries and public institutions to become more capable and intelligent, serve the interests of the country, and provide good for the people. services.

Hun Sen: Handing over leadership to younger leaders is the right decision

On the same day, Hun Sen, the former Prime Minister of Cambodia and chairman of the King’s Supreme Advisory Council, posted on the official paper plane (Telegram) that he carefully watched the live broadcast of the cabinet plenary meeting hosted by the new Prime Minister Hun Manet, and praised the composition of the new cabinet members. Think it was the right decision to hand over leadership from older leaders to younger ones.

​He wished the new cabinet every success in fulfilling its duty to the country, religion and king.