Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet went to Indonesia to attend a meeting today, and his wife went with him!


[INNEWS Comprehensive Report] On the morning of September 4, at the invitation of Joko Widodo, the rotating chairman of ASEAN and Indonesian President, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet and his wife Pich Chanmony led a delegation to Indonesia to attend the 43rd ASEAN Summit.

This is the first official appearance of Hun Manet on the international stage, and he will become the youngest leader among the 10 ASEAN countries. It is reported that senior officials accompanying Hun Manet include Cambodia’s deputy prime minister, ministers, key government officials and business leaders. Pen Bona, chairman of the Cambodian Government Spokesperson Agency, said that this is the first official appearance of Hun Manet on the international stage since he took office on August 22.

The Cambodian high-level delegation led by Hun Manet will go to Indonesia to attend the upcoming ASEAN Summit, ASEAN and Dialogue Partner Summit, East Asia Summit and other related summits to be held in Jakarta. By then, he will hold bilateral talks with leaders of major countries including China, Japan, South Korea, Russia, India, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Before leaving for Indonesia, Hun Manet had met with the EU Ambassador to Cambodia, the US Senate delegation, Liu Jianchao, Minister of the International Liaison Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and others. This shows that Cambodia’s seventh government led by Hun Manet has strong domestic, regional and international support.

Jean François Tain, Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, said that their young heads of government must deal with many regional and international issues, including the long-term crisis in Myanmar, world powers competing for influence, and the global economic crisis, which are all affecting Cambodia. negative impact on the country.

Jean François Tain said that Hun Manet is highly capable and strong-willed and will enhance Cambodia’s image on the international stage. In addition, the whole country of Cambodia must unite and support its national leaders to demonstrate the leadership capabilities of the new Cambodian government on the international stage.

It should be mentioned that at noon today, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet and his wife have safely arrived at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta, Indonesia. Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia, Permanent Representative of Cambodian Ambassador to ASEAN and Cambodian Embassy in Indonesia came to pick up the airport.