Cambodian rice exports surge by 30%! Exported to 57 countries, China is the largest buyer


[INNEWS Comprehensive Report] Recently, the Cambodian Rice Federation released a report showing that in the first nine months of 2023, Cambodia exported 456,581 tons of rice, with total revenue reaching US$3.2774 billion. This figure clearly demonstrates the strong competitiveness and wide recognition of Cambodian rice in the international market.

Report data shows that from January to September 2023, Cambodia exported a total of 456,581 tons of rice, generating revenue of US$327 million. The rice was exported to 57 countries and regions, among which China remains the largest buyer. China imported 155,366 tons of rice worth $99.6 million. Cambodia not only exported rice to China, but also exported 45,306 tons to the five ASEAN member states, worth $31.32 million, and exported 190,788 tons to 26 European countries, worth $138 million. In addition, Cambodia also exported 66,331 tons worth US$57.49 million to 24 other countries in the Middle East.

It is worth mentioning that Cambodia exports a wide variety of rice, including various fragrant rice, white rice, steamed rice and organic rice. Among them, fragrant rice occupies the leading position in exports, accounting for 82.43%, followed by white rice, accounting for nearly 12.26%. Steamed rice and organic rice also occupy a certain market share respectively.

The report also pointed out that Cambodia also exported 307,741.5 tons of rice in the first nine months of 2023, worth approximately US$862.39 million. More than 59% of the rice was exported after passing export document certification by the competent authorities. Compared with last year, rice export volume increased by 30.63% year-on-year, and export value increased by 50% year-on-year. This significant increase may stem from export cuts from major global rice exporters such as India and Pakistan, resulting in higher Cambodian rice and rice export prices, as well as lower rice supplies in many major markets. These factors undoubtedly provide great opportunities for Cambodia’s agricultural industry.

Chan Sokkeang, chairman of the Cambodian Rice Federation, has laid out ambitious plans for the Kingdom’s full-year rice export target. He said the goal in 2023 is to export 700,000 tons of rice. This target reflects their confidence in the competitiveness of Cambodian rice in the international market. At the same time, he also pointed out that China is a huge market for rice exports and looked forward to more development opportunities in this field.

It is understood that in 2022, Cambodia exported more than 630,000 tons of rice to 59 countries and regions, generating revenue of US$414 million. In the same year, rice exports reached US$841 million.