Cambodian Travel Agents Explore the Cultural Charm of Jining


【INNEWS Special Correspondent Tum chandaneth reports】With the arrival of a Cambodian travel agent delegation in Jining, an INNEWS reporter had the privilege to join the group, experiencing first-hand this in-depth cultural journey.

Invited by the Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, from January 29 to January 31, a delegation of 27 Cambodian travel agents visited Jining to conduct an exploratory and familiarization trip. Their itinerary covered several cultural and tourism landmarks of Jining, including the Wenshang Baoxiang Temple, Qufu’s Nishan Sacred Land, the Confucius Museum, and the Three Confucian sites, allowing for not just sightseeing but a deep understanding of Jining’s rich historical and cultural essence.

During the visit, the members of the delegation were not merely tourists but explorers of culture. At each site, the delegation members were fully engaged, listening attentively to the guides’ explanations, actively participating in experiential activities, and striving to comprehensively understand Jining from historical, cultural, and natural perspectives. Jining’s cultural allure, especially its identity as the “Land of Confucius and Mencius, and the Capital of the Grand Canal,” left a lasting impression on every member of the delegation.

The Cambodian representatives highly praised Jining’s profound cultural heritage, abundant tourism resources, and beautiful landscapes. They stated that the trip was highly rewarding, allowing them to deeply experience the unique charm of Jining’s culture. Upon returning, they plan to intensify the promotion of Jining’s cultural and tourism resources and to develop travel products and routes that better meet the needs of Cambodian tourists.

The Jining Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism stated that it would further strengthen cooperation and exchanges with well-known travel enterprises both domestically and internationally. By increasing promotional efforts, planning new activities, cultivating new tourism highlights, designing new travel routes, and developing new products, they aim to provide fresh offerings. The goal is to expand the market of domestic and international tourists, stimulate the vitality of the cultural and tourism market, and promote the continuous prosperity and development of the tourism market in Jining and beyond.