Cambodia’s Ministry of Information warns journalists involved in casino bribery may have their press credentials revoked​


[INNEWS Comprehensive Report] On October 5, Cambodian Minister of Information Net Sopheaktra issued a stern warning to journalists suspected of accepting bribes from casinos. He asked these reporters to immediately stop their illegal activities and gave them one month to go to the Ministry of Information to explain the situation and cooperate with the investigation.

According to the Cambodian Ministry of Information, on September 5, a casino called TOP DIAMAND CASINO broke news online, claiming that about 700 to 900 journalists asked for money and accepted funding from it.

After an investigation by the Ministry of Information, it was found that the behavior of the casino and the journalists involved had a serious negative impact on the Cambodian journalism profession and practitioners.

In response, the Ministry of Information publicly warned those involved and asked them to immediately stop asking for money from the casino. If any journalist is found to have continued unethical behavior and violated the ethical principles stipulated in the press law, they will lose their qualifications to engage in journalism. The journalists involved must go to the State Administration of Press, Film and Television to explain the situation within one month from the date of signing. If they refuse to come, they will be held legally responsible for their actions.

At the same time, the heads of the journalist units involved in the incident were also required to stop the wrong behavior of their own journalists and report the names of the journalists involved to the Ministry of Information.

The head of the news unit involved must appear within two weeks to explain the situation. News organizations that fail to follow the guidance will be removed and held legally responsible. In addition, TOP DIAMAND CASINO casino owners are also required to list the media outlets and journalists who have received money and sponsorship from them, and submit reports describing the reasons or circumstances of each funding or sponsorship and send them to the News within two weeks department.

If the company fails to cooperate with the above requirements, the Ministry of Information has the right to take necessary measures. If bribery occurs to cover up any case that is not in compliance with Cambodian law, the parties involved will be held liable in accordance with existing laws.