China-Cambodia trade relations were questioned, Hun Manet responded domineeringly!


On September 19, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet went to Srok Bati, Takeo Province to express condolences to nearly 20,000 workers.In his speech, Hun Manet pointed out that trade exchanges between China and Cambodia have been dissatisfied by some opponents.

In this regard, Hun Manet asked the opponents: “What’s wrong with China-Cambodia trade? China’s opening of factories in Cambodia has created more job opportunities for Cambodia.”

Hun Manet called on opponents to ask questions to Cambodian businessmen to understand whether Cambodia-China trade relations are good or not. He also emphasized that he went to Nanning, China to participate in the 20th China-ASEAN Expo. In order to cooperate with China, he exported Cambodian products to China for sale. What is wrong with Cambodia?

“We have relations with China for the benefit of the Cambodian people, and there is nothing wrong with that,” he said. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Hun Manet also pointed out to opponents that even if the Koh Ker temple is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List , opponents still don’t celebrate. He called on opponents to see some good sides and contribute to the development of Cambodian nationalism.