Countdown to Hun Sen’s prime ministership: I will continue to be in politics for 10 years


“I will continue to serve as Prime Minister for 15 days before I will be promoted to ‘Father of the Prime Minister.'” After the Wang Decree was issued, on August 7, Hun Sen posted on his social media account. It does not mean that his political career is over, he will continue to serve in other positions until at least 2033, and continue to serve in the political arena for at least 10 years.

Photos of Hun Sen when he was young, by Hun Sen’s Facebook

According to Hun Sen’s summary, from January 14, 1985 to August 22, 2023, he served as prime minister for 38 years, 7 months and 8 days, becoming the longest serving national leader in the world.

Hun Sen officially announced on July 26, 2023 that he would step down as prime minister and be replaced by Hong Mane. The new government is expected to be formed on August 22, 2023.