Dialogue with the Director General of Taxation, The Malaysian Business Chamber of Cambodia will host a tax forum


​[INNEWS Comprehensive Report] The Malaysian Business Chamber of Cambodia will hold the 2023 Taxation Forum at the Sofitel Phnom Penh Hotel on September 6th, and cooperate with the Cambodian Taxation Administration to help participants understand the updates of new taxation laws and regulations.

Investors can gain valuable insights from the forum, which will feature Chief Guest and Keynote Speaker Guan Weibao, Commissioner of the State Administration of Taxation. The forum will discuss key areas of tax updates and topics such as the new Tax Law and tax incentives related to the new Investment Law.

In addition, there will be panel discussions and Q&A on tax benefits under investment law and double tax treaties, transfer pricing, tax audits and other tax issues.

Cambodia’s new Tax Law, which came into effect on May 22, 2023, aims to improve the tax regime and align its provisions with the new Investment Law.

Tan Khee Meng, chairman of The Malaysian Business Chamber of Cambodia, said the forum comes at the right time, with new tax and investment regulations aimed at stimulating business growth and foreign direct investment. Tan Khee Meng also said that insights provided at the forum will help investors align their investment strategies with Cambodia’s development goals. The Malaysian Business Chamber of Cambodia will continue to be a strategic partner of the Cambodian Trade Development Bureau, the Cambodian government and the private sector, and create a good environment for the development of enterprises in Cambodia.

The Tax Forum 2023 is from 8am to 5.30pm and the admission fee is US$55 per person and only US$35 for members of the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce. The entrance fee includes hotel lunch and morning and afternoon breaks. The event is mainly in English, with on-site Chinese translation provided. The deadline for registration is September 3. If you want to register, you can scan the special QR code set up by the sponsor to register.