“Double Blooming” of Chinese and Cambodian Culture|The Ministry of Culture of Cambodia Meets with Chinese Representatives


[INNEWS Comprehensive Report] On August 8, Phuong Sakona, Minister of Culture and Art of Cambodia, met with a delegation led by Lu Jing, member of the Standing Committee of Fuzhou Municipal Committee of China. The two sides discussed further deepening bilateral cooperation in the field of culture and film.

Phuong Sakona said that under the Belt and Road Initiative, Cambodia and China are committed to further expanding cooperation in key areas and cultural fields, especially people-to-people bonds, which are the basis for building peaceful coexistence and developing a community of shared future.

In addition, the relationship between Cambodia and China and the relationship between the two peoples have a long history. The leaders of the two countries have established friendship on the basis of this historic relationship, and gradually strengthened cooperation between the two sides to reach a comprehensive strategic partnership.

Phuong Sakona pointed out that in terms of cultural and artistic cooperation between Cambodia and China, the two sides have carried out cultural and artistic exchange activities, held a series of cultural and artistic performances, exhibitions, broadcast movies, archaeological and heritage research, etc., and provided scholarships for Chinese students, supported Continue to develop cultural domain skills.

It is understood that China has also invited Minister of Culture and Arts Pensakana and a delegation of Cambodian producers and artists to attend the 2023 Silk Road International Film Festival to be held in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China in mid-September 2023.