E-GetS 2023 Customer Appreciation and Employee Awards Ceremony was successfully held


On April 11th, E-GetS Company successfully held their 2023 Customer Appreciation and Employee Awards Ceremony at the Sofitel Hotel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, under the theme “Soar with the Dragon, Leap Thousands of Miles.” The event was graced by prominent figures including His Excellency Chea Vandeth, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications of Cambodia, Economic and Commercial Counselor Zhong Jie from the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia, State Secretaries Mam Amnot and Pa Vongvichet, Deputy State Secretaries Touch Yarandy, General Director of the Postal Department Horn Theara, Lin Shiqiang, President of the Cambodia-China Business Council and Head of ICBC Phnom Penh, Duke Zhang Yunfeng, Vice President of the Cambodia-China Friendship Association and Chairman of Jinyun Group, Liu Daozhi, Vice President of the Cambodia-China Business Council and Head of Bank of China (Hong Kong) Phnom Penh, Zhao Jinhui, Rotating President and Secretary General of the Cambodia-China Business Council, alongside the directors and CEO of E-GetS, Xiao Lianhuo, Chen Quanfu, and Xiao Hongpei. Nearly 600 guests attended, including government officials, business partners, brand merchants, media, and company employees.

Minister Vandeth Chea, stated in his speech that E-GetS, as an internet technology service company under the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Cambodia, has shown significant growth and development, reflecting the fruitful cooperation between Cambodia and China. E-GetS has made substantial contributions to the e-commerce and digital development in Cambodia, playing a crucial role in the country’s economic growth. He urged E-GetS to strengthen cooperation with SMEs and logistic service operators, especially in integrating their products and services into Cambodia’s logistics network. The Ministry welcomes collaboration with E-GetS to develop digital systems to accelerate the digital revolution in public service delivery.

Counselor Zhong Jie remarked that companies likeE-GetS, under the guidance of the Embassy’s Economic and Commercial Section, have responded actively to China’s Belt and Road initiative by integrating the “Internet+Living Services” model into Cambodia and promoting it throughout Southeast Asia, thereby significantly boosting local economic development and employment. She encouragedE-GetS to maintain its high spirit of development, continue making new contributions to Cambodia’s digital economy, and further strengthen Sino-Cambodian economic and trade cooperation.

In his welcome address, Xiao Lianhuo, Chairman of E-GetS, reviewed the company’s achievements in 2023 and outlined the strategic direction for the upcoming year. He noted that Jiandan Dian’s business structure had become more rational and its profitability had significantly increased. The platform now supports services in over ten languages and is set to officially launch in Thailand and Vietnam, marking a solid step in the company’s process of localization and internationalization.

Chairman Xiao emphasized the company’s commitment to follow the “Belt and Road” initiative and actively participate in the digital economy sector of Cambodia’s “Pentagon Strategy”. He highlighted the company’s customer-centric approach and its continued investment in software development technology. Xiao also spoke about deepening cooperation in the digital realm with partners, thereby creating more job opportunities. By leveraging innovative technology, Jiandan Dian aims to serve the local populations of China and Cambodia, contributing to the economic, technological, and social development of Cambodia, and aiding in its digital and intelligent evolution.

On the same day, E-GetStook the opportunity to establish a riders’ football team. CEO Xiao Hongpei, in his speech, mentioned that football embodies a spirit of unity, striving, and never giving up, which complements the corporate culture of Jiandan Dian. He expressed hope that in the future, Jiandan Dian will continue to be guided by the spirit of football, striving for greater glory for the company, the team, and for themselves.

The event also celebrated the launch of the E-GetS football team. CEO Xiao Hongpei conveyed that the spirit of football—teamwork and relentless pursuit of success—resonates with the company’s ethos. He hopes that the football team will inspire greater glory for the company, its team members, and their collective future endeavors.

Moreover, the evening was filled with a vibrant array of cultural performances, including traditional Cambodian dances and team singing, creating an enjoyable and lively atmosphere. A raffle with prizes like smart watches, smartphones, and gift cards added excitement to the gathering, enhancing the festive mood with captivating performances and engaging activities.

Regarding E-GetS:

Founded in 2018, the E-GetS Group has established a sophisticated software development center in Xiamen, China, and an overseas business office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Additionally, the company has opened branches in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, and Vientiane, Laos, to strengthen its operations in Southeast Asia. E-GetS adheres to the core philosophy of “Simplifying Life,” focusing on the “Easy+Get+Platform” strategy. The company integrates various services, including food delivery, e-commerce, group buying, supply chain management, local lifestyle services, Southeast Asia aggregate payment solutions, and multilingual customer support into one platform. Starting from Cambodia, E-GetS has created high-frequency consumption scenarios, providing one-stop services for various lifestyle needs such as dining, clothing, entertainment, accommodation, and transportation, thereby enriching the lives of consumers across Southeast Asia.