Even Hun Sen complained, is the latest iPhone 15 really so difficult to use?


[INNews reporter Xiaoin reported] On October 16, Prince Hun Sen, Chairman of the Supreme Advisory Council of the King of Cambodia and Chairman of the Cambodian People’s Party, recently shared his new experience in using Apple mobile phones.

He said that although he has loved and used every generation of Apple phones, after trying the latest iPhone 15, he found the phone surprisingly difficult to use.

He posted on social media that “Apple 15 may be the most difficult to use mobile phone in recent years.” Hun Sen emphasized that he did not have any prejudice against Apple or Apple products, but simply felt that the user experience of Apple 15 was unacceptable to him.

He said that the four mobile phones he is currently using are all iPhone 15, but for work and daily life, he decided to switch back to the iPhone 14, iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 he used previously.

While emphasizing his love and support for Apple products, Hun Sen also gave advice to those who have not yet bought Apple 15: “If you have not bought Apple 15, please think again.” He hopes that Apple will find it as soon as possible Solutions to improve the usability of this phone. He added: “Hopefully, in future versions of Apple, we won’t see such a difficult experience again.”

iPhone 15 is frequently criticized

As we all know, iPhone battery life and wear and tear issues have always been the focus of widespread discussion and complaints among netizens. Although iPhone battery life has improved in recent years, the problem of battery loss still exists, especially on iPhone 14. Many users said that the maximum battery capacity dropped to 80% within a year.

According to foreign media reports, the battery of the iPhone 15 may have the same problem as the iPhone 14. This phone may use a cheaper battery with only 600 cycles. At the same time, users reported that the iPhone 15 would overheat when taking pictures or charging, and some even called it “dragon fruit.” Tests by some netizens show that the body temperature of the iPhone 15 Pro Max can reach an astonishing 50°C. Apple’s official response stated that the overheating problem is not due to the titanium alloy frame of the new model, but other reasons, and promised to solve it through system updates.

A further problem is the crackling of the external audio. Some users reported on Reddit that audio distortion and breakage occurred when the volume was turned up. In fact, some users said that even though Apple replaced them with new machines, the problem still persists.