Hun Manet revealed: Many American companies will visit Cambodia to create more job opportunities


[INNEWS Comprehensive Report] On October 3, when Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet visited 18,000 factory workers in Phnom Penh’s Meanchey and Lange districts, he revealed that many American companies will organize delegations to Cambodia to investigate business opportunities. ​​

Hun Manet revealed that when he recently flew to the United States to attend the United Nations General Assembly, some foreign observers mocked him, saying that he would only visit poor groups in the United States, a far cry from the treatment received by the Thai Prime Minister when he met with American billionaire Elon Musk. . Hun Manet responded: “It is true that I did not meet the rich man Elon Musk, but I met with billionaires from 58 American companies. These large companies hope to find investment opportunities in Cambodia and create jobs for the people. Why not look at it from another angle?”

Hun Manet pointed out that through the Cambodia-US Business Forum held in the United States, American investors will be attracted to Cambodia in the future. In a few months, many American companies will organize delegations to Cambodia to investigate business opportunities.

Hun Manet ruined by landlord not raising rent next year

Hun Manet calls on landlords not to increase rents arbitrarily in 2024. Although both landlords and tenants are facing difficulties, working-class people are facing even greater pressures on their lives. We must understand each other and jointly face this severe challenge.

Currently, electricity prices in rental areas range from 400 to 600 riel (approximately $0.1 to $0.15) per kilowatt hour, down from the previous high of 2,000 riel (approximately $0.50) per kilowatt hour. The water fee has also been reduced to 800 riel (approximately US$0.2) per cubic meter, down from the previous 2,500 riel (approximately US$0.6) per cubic meter.

Workers get $4 raise

On September 28, the National Minimum Wage Commission ruled that their minimum wage would jump from the existing $200 to $204. This increase would be $4, effective immediately from January 2024.

Hun Manet pointed out that this move is to ensure that all parties can survive together during this severe period, and the spirit of sharing and mutual help is a necessity in this era. Only in this way can current job opportunities be protected and more investors come to Cambodia.

In addition, Hun Manet also called on the Cambodian Electricity Company and Water Authority to reduce the utility bills of renting workers.