Hun Sen burst into tears at the press conference


Today (August 22), Hun Sen, chairman of the Cambodian People’s Party and former prime minister, cried several times when answering reporters’ questions at a press conference in the National Assembly, fondly recalling the past hardships.

Hun Sen burst into tears when asked by reporters how he felt when his eldest son became Cambodia’s prime minister.

Hun Sen recalled that the hardships in the past are vivid in his mind over the past few decades. In the most difficult period, he and his family struggled through it with a lot of emotion.

When mentioning the eldest son Hun Manet, he cried several times. Hun Manet had a rough time from childhood to the Cambodian War. “Hun Manet is the one who has had the hardest time among all the children. It is also the most proud thing for him to see him become the prime minister today!” Hun Sen said.

Hun Sen said that the happiness of the Cambodian people is what he is willing to fight for at the cost of his life. Today, he is very pleased to see that the Cambodian people are living a happy, stable and peaceful life.