Hun Sen Hosts Medal of Honor for Journalists; Pen Bona to Be Government Spokesperson


[INNEWS Comprehensive Report] On the evening of August 14th, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen held a grand dinner for more than 100 journalists at the Peace Building and awarded them the Medal of Honor. It is understood that some of the award-winning journalists have been reporting on Hun Sen since the 1990s. Among the journalists who received the medal from Hun Sen is a reporter from Japan.

Hun Sen pointed out that these journalists have been dedicated to reporting relevant activities for many years and have made great contributions to the journalism of society.

Prime Minister Hun Sen is considered a leader who places great value on journalists and news value. In his view, the media is an important part of his political career. Throughout his political career, and particularly during his almost 40 years as Prime Minister, every public event he attended was covered by journalists from government and private media outlets.

At the event, Prime Minister Hun Sen expressed his gratitude to all journalists who have overcome difficulties, abided by professional ethics, and worked hard to complete news reporting tasks. At the same time, the reporters also expressed their deep gratitude for receiving the medal from Prime Minister Hun Sen, and believed that Prime Minister Hun Sen was an outstanding national leader.

[Pen Bona, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Information, will serve as government spokesperson]

At the banquet, Hun Sen thanked the media reporters and revealed that Pen Bona, the current Secretary of State of the Ministry of Information, will become the spokesperson of the seventh Royal Government of Cambodia. ​

Hun Sen pointed out that Minister of Information Khieu Kanharith and Secretary of State Ouk Prathna will step down, while the Ministry of Information will welcome a new minister.

He revealed that Hun Manet and Pen Bona had discussed the matter in detail and sought his opinion.

Hun Sen emphasized that Cambodia’s new successor members are a strong team and they will continue to promote the development and prosperity of the country.