Hun Sen: Test the new government with a 100-day assessment period


[INNEWS Comprehensive Report] On August 10, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen met with the old and new cabinet members at the headquarters of the People’s Party in his capacity as the chairman of the People’s Party.

Hun Sen said that after the cabinet members of the new government take office, he will use 100 days to evaluate their performance in office.

He revealed that the young leadership of the new government will face many challenges in national and international issues, and these 100 days will be a test of what actions they will take.

Hun Sen also revealed that this year’s Water Delivery Festival and National Independence Day large-scale activities are also a test of the new leadership’s ability to win the trust of the people. He hoped that the new leadership would show youth, vitality, courage, and a true will to serve the country, the people, and lead the economy.

It is understood that this year’s Water Festival in Cambodia will last for three days from November 26 to 28, and Independence Day will be held on November 9.

In addition, Hun Sen pointed out in his speech that in order to prevent the Senate from becoming a “home for the elderly”, members of the Senate will have an age limit, and only candidates under the age of 74 are allowed to be nominated as members of the Senate. He also emphasized that he will only serve as the chairman of the Senate for one term, and then he will give more opportunities to future successors.