INNews Delegation Meets Cambodian Minister of Information, Neth Pheaktra


(INNews)On the afternoon of October 3rd, Amo, the General Manager of INNEWS Influence Media Company, and Kay, the Chief Editor, led a delegation to the Cambodian Ministry of Information to meet with the newly appointed Minister of Information, Neth Pheaktra. The purpose of the visit was to discuss the development of Chinese-language media in Cambodia and the current state of the news industry.

Neth Pheaktra highly praised the important role played by Chinese-language media in Cambodia in promoting friendly relations between Cambodia and China. He also expressed appreciation for INNEWS Influence’s positioning and plans and its contributions to the development of news, education, investment, and tourism in Cambodia.

Neth Pheaktra expressed her hope that more media companies would voice Cambodia’s interests, emphasizing economic and cultural development and spreading Cambodian culture worldwide. He mentioned the emergence of Cambodian internet celebrities, such as “BaFiDo,” who has millions of followers and creates videos loved by both Cambodians and Chinese people. Neth Pheaktra welcomed more media companies to showcase the positive aspects of Cambodia to the public while adhering to the principles of objective and fair reporting.

Kay, the Chief Editor of INNEWS, congratulated Minister Nipapatra on her appointment as the new Minister of Information in the government. She noted that there is a lack of objective voices about Cambodia online and, as a new media company, they aim to avoid spreading fake news or negative information. They will continue to contribute to fostering mutual understanding between Cambodia and China, allowing Cambodians to learn more about China and enabling more Chinese investors to truly understand Cambodia. INNEWS is committed to being a bridge for the people of both countries.

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Young internet sensation “BaFiDo” was also present with the delegation.