Invest US$1.7 billion! Cambodia and China Road and Bridge Cooperation to Build Inland Canal


[INNEWS Comprehensive Report] On October 11, Sun Chanthol, Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia and First Vice Chairman of the Development Council, chaired an important meeting to review the draft framework agreement for the “Funan Techo Canal” project with China Road and Bridge Corporation. This project aims to identify the potential of the Funan Techo Canal project, including economic and social benefits.

In the meeting, Minister of Public Works and Transport Peng Pothinea, as well as leaders of the inter-ministerial committee, Zhou Yong, Assistant General Manager of China Road and Bridge Corporation and General Manager of the Cambodia Office, and technical officials of China Road and Bridge participated.

It is understood that the Cambodian Cabinet Meeting has reviewed and approved the “Baise River Logistics System and Water Transport Development Project” report on May 19, 2023, and plans to build a 180-kilometer inland waterway system.

The total investment in this project is up to US$1.7 billion. The project will build 3 canal traffic navigation stations, build 11 cross-river bridges, and also build a 180-kilometer-long bridge between the seaport of Kep Province and the Phnom Penh Port of Sion County, Kandal Province. The inland canal spans four provinces, namely Kep, Kampot, Takeo and Kandal, covering a population of 1.6 million people. The project is expected to take four years.

The project will provide many benefits, including establishing a business district and logistics center, developing a new satellite port, expanding agricultural development, irrigation, aquaculture and livestock development zones, supporting the development of Cambodia’s 4th economic pole and creating more Sihanoukville Employment at ports such as the Autonomous Port and Phnom Penh Autonomous Port drives urban development and urbanization and promotes real estate growth. In addition, it will also help solve the problem of seawater flowing back inland and changing the hydrological cycle.

This water canal, named the “Funan Techo Canal” by the Royal Government of Cambodia, will significantly reduce Cambodia’s high transportation and logistics costs, attract more external resources and create more job opportunities, further promoting the country’s economic and social development.

During the meeting, it was also decided to entrust Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economy Aun Pornmoniroth to lead a comprehensive and detailed study and preparation of the above-mentioned projects, and then submit a report to the government.