Japan targets Cambodia’s product processing and training sectors, Hun Manet welcomes it​


[INNEWS Comprehensive Report] On September 12, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet met with Takahashi Fumiaki, the visiting former Japanese ambassador to Cambodia and president of the Japan-Cambodia Association. Japanese investors showed strong interest in Cambodia’s product processing and training fields. interest.

During the meeting, Hun Manet extended a warm welcome to Takahashi Fumiaki, President of the Japan Cambodia Association, and visiting Japanese investors, and expressed his gratitude to them for looking for investment opportunities in Cambodia. He discussed with Takahashi Fumiaki the focus of cooperation between Cambodia and Japan, especially in developing business and investment opportunities in Cambodia.

Hun Manet introduced the positive progress that Cambodia has made in recent years, especially in the Sixth National Assembly Legislature under the leadership of former Prime Minister Hun Sen. Cambodia introduced the Investment Law and its implementing sub-decree, clarifying incentive mechanisms and priority areas for investment preferential policies.

Takahashi Fumiaki said that under the legal framework and mechanisms, Japanese investors, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), will be more interested in investing in Cambodia.

He introduced to Hun Manet the interests of Japanese small and medium-sized enterprises in two main areas. One is investment in the production of processed products with Cambodian raw materials and Japanese modern technology to produce finished products for export; the other is in key areas of vocational training, including hotel services. , auto mechanics (Japanese auto repair services), decoration and beauty, elderly care services, and information and digital technology skills.

Hun Manet praised Japanese companies for their interest in investing in areas that Cambodia needs and that are in line with Cambodia’s current socio-economic development policy framework, including the Cambodian government’s decision to launch the first phase of the Pentagon Strategy. In this regard, he urged Japanese business associations to collaborate and strengthen working relationships with Cambodian stakeholders to achieve these goals.

In addition, the 7th Royal Government of Cambodia is ready to promote, cooperate and support Japanese businesses through attractive specific policies and incentives.

It is worth mentioning that Takahashi Fumiaki also stated that he will lead a Japanese business delegation to visit Cambodia again in November this year.