Kampong Speu and Henan “join hands”: 50 Chinese companies look for agricultural investment opportunities​


[INNEWS Comprehensive Report] On September 5, Vy Samnang, Governor of Kampong Speu Province, held a working meeting with Wang Guangguo, the Henan Provincial Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Federation of China.

According to reports, at least 50 companies from China’s Henan Province Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Federation are looking for investment opportunities in livestock farming and various crop cultivation in Kampong Speu Province, Cambodia.

On September 3, Vy Samnang led a delegation to pay a working visit to Henan Province, China. He visited the Zhongyuan Nonggu Agricultural Technology Demonstration Center and learned about the breeding and disease prevention of various crops such as rice, sesame, corn, beans, fish, etc., as well as various fruits and finished products circulating in the market. In addition, he visited an advanced agricultural technology research center that uses drones and agricultural machinery, as well as a slaughterhouse where 4,000 to 5,000 animals are processed and packaged every day.

Vy Samnang said that the Henan Provincial Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Federation of China is indeed interested in promoting investment cooperation with Kampong Speu Province, based on the need to create investment opportunities in other areas to achieve mutual benefit, and recognizes the importance of cooperation in the above areas. He emphasized that the two parties will promote investment cooperation between the province and the Henan Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Federation in the fields of agriculture, trade, clean energy, electric vehicles and other fields based on the principle of equality and mutual benefit.

Wang Guangguo, executive chairman of the Henan Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Federation, said that the Henan Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Federation will encourage more than 50 companies to invest in Kampong Speu Province, focusing on investing in agriculture, especially cattle and pig raising, and meat processing industries.

It should be mentioned that Henan province is the fifth largest economy in China and one of the leading provinces in agriculture in China. This cooperation will be an important step in promoting mutual economic benefits between Kampong Speu Province and Henan Province in China. We look forward to in-depth cooperation between the two parties in the fields of agriculture, clean energy and electric vehicles to achieve common development.