Keut Chhe, Deputy Mayor of Phnom Penh, met with Wu Guiying, member of the Standing Committee of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Changsha Municipal Party Committee​​


[INNWS Comprehensive Report] On November 2, Phnom Penh Deputy Mayor Keut Chhe met with Wu Guiying, member of the Standing Committee of the Hunan Provincial Committee and Secretary of the Changsha Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China.

During this meeting, Keut Chhe introduced the prosperity and development of Phnom Penh and China’s huge contribution to the development of Cambodia as a whole. He specifically pointed out that during the COVID-19 epidemic, China provided COVID-19 vaccines to Cambodia. This action deeply reflected the iron-clad friendship between China and Cambodia.

Keut Chhe also said that China is still one of Cambodia’s largest sources of investment, and this relationship has brought huge development opportunities to Phnom Penh and even Cambodia as a whole.

Keut Chhe expressed his appreciation for Changsha, a historic city with a history of thousands of years, and expressed that the Phnom Penh Municipal Government is willing to continue cooperation with Changsha, especially in the fields of investment, tourism, trade, and import and export of goods. He emphasized Changsha’s huge economic potential and expressed his willingness to promote direct flights between Phnom Penh and Changsha to further facilitate exchanges and cooperation between the two countries.

Wu Guiying introduced the general situation of Changsha to Gao Cai. She said that Changsha is not only rich in resources, beautiful mountains and rivers and ancient scenery, but also a city with a strong industrial chain. She encouraged investors in Changsha to continue to increase investment in Phnom Penh. In addition, Changsha will export cars, auto parts and other products to Phnom Penh, and said it will actively promote the opening of direct flights between the two cities.

At the same time, she also promised to encourage more Chinese tourists to travel to Cambodia to further strengthen the unity and friendship between Changsha and Phnom Penh.

During this meeting, both parties expressed their desire to deepen cooperation and painted a bright future picture for the friendship and cooperation between Changsha and Phnom Penh.