Koh Kong provincial government considers passport-free entry for Thai tourists


[INNEWS comprehensive report] On August 10, On Sothearith, the deputy governor of Koh Kong Province, revealed at a meeting that the provincial government is considering accepting a proposal from a travel company to allow Thai tourists without passports to use their ID cards for short-term travel in the province. travel.

On Sothearith added that after in-depth discussions, relevant departments of the province have collected valuable opinions and suggestions from various members as the basis for further research procedures and will report to the Ministry of Tourism. While the provincial government has yet to make a final decision with the tourism company, all proposals from the company are likely to be met and discussed in the future.

On Sothearith stressed that if the application is approved, it will have the potential to increase the number of tourists coming to the province, thereby boosting the province’s economic growth. With the application of tourism companies, the provincial government is also actively promoting the development of tourism in order to increase the number of domestic and foreign tourists visiting the province. Therefore, accepting the proposal of this tourism company will not only help promote the development of tourism in the province, but also help stimulate economic growth, which is a win-win thing.

In addition, in response to the current low number of Thai tourists visiting the province, the provincial government has also formulated a new plan. On Sothearith said it will sign MoUs with other surrounding provinces such as Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand border provinces to increase the number of tourists in the province. This initiative will further promote regional tourism cooperation and bring more opportunities and development space for the tourism industry in Koh Kong Province.