Korean E-mart supermarket will enter Cambodia and plans to open 100 stores within 5 years


[INNEWS comprehensive report] Recently, Saisons Brother Holding Co. of Cambodia signed a memorandum of understanding with Hanlim Architecture Group Co, a subsidiary of E-mart of South Korea. E-mart will open its first building in Cambodia next year. branches.

E-mart is a large comprehensive supermarket under the Shinsegae Group in South Korea, and is famous for its “department store supermarket” business format. In addition to the commodities operated by traditional general supermarkets, E-mart has also added commodities in department stores such as cosmetics and clothing.

Ngorn David Sambo, managing director of Saisons Brother Holding Co., Cambodia, said the company saw growth potential in both E-mart’s Korean products and investment flows, so it announced that it will join hands with E-mart 24, one of the most popular retailers in Korea, It will enter the Cambodian market next year.

Ngorn David Sambo revealed that the company plans to open the first branch starting next year, and will expand to 10 branches in Phnom Penh by the end of the year, and will consider expanding to various provinces later.

He pointed out that at present, many Korean products in Cambodia have received strong support from local people, especially cosmetics. The company will set a reasonable price for the common people.

According to Korea Economic Daily, E-mart, a leading retailer in South Korea, will open its first Korean store in Cambodia, aiming to expand its influence in overseas markets, especially in Southeast Asia.

In addition, Korea’s leading supermarket chain E-mart plans to increase the number of stores in Cambodia to 100 within five years.

The Korean E-mart delegation said: “We will strive to successfully enter the Cambodian market, and we are also considering entering other countries’ markets.” At the same time, Thailand’s CP ALL Plc’s 7-Eleven convenience stores have opened 60 in Cambodia. stores, and plans to open 100 stores by the end of 2023, to capture the opportunities of Cambodia’s rapid economic growth and increased trade between the two ASEAN neighbors.