Liberty Carz Signs Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation with Bestune Cambodia


【INNEWS Comprehensive Report】On January 25th, the Cambodian dealer of Bestune Cambodia and Cambodia’s leading car app, Liberty Carz, officially signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation. The partnership announces the joint sales of all Bestune Cambodia products, including its star model T90. This collaboration signifies the commitment of both parties to enhance the presence of Chinese brands in Cambodia, offering local consumers more opportunities to understand and experience the advantages of Chinese brand cars.The T90, as Bestune’s flagship product, has already achieved significant success in the Chinese market. Through cooperation with Liberty Carz, Bestune aims to replicate this success in the Cambodian market. The partnership extends beyond vehicle sales to include brand promotion and consumer outreach, jointly elevating the image of Chinese car brands.

Supported by Liberty Technology, Liberty Carz is the leading digital automotive marketplace in Cambodia. Renowned for technological innovation, user convenience, and outstanding service, the platform offers comprehensive after-sales services and attractive car loans up to $50,000, aiming to transform the way cars are bought and sold in Cambodia.Consumers can experience Cambodia’s premier car trading services by downloading the Liberty Carz app. This collaboration is expected to significantly enrich the automotive market choices in Cambodia, while bringing more high-quality, cost-effective car products to local consumers.About Bestune
Bestune, a subsidiary of China FAW Group, is one of China’s leading automotive brands, renowned for its high quality, innovative technology, and exceptional performance in the market.

About Liberty Carz
Liberty Carz is the leading digital automotive marketplace in Cambodia, supported by Liberty Technology. It is committed to providing a technologically advanced, convenient car buying and selling experience, along with exceptional customer service.