Malaysian Embassy in Cambodia speaks out​


[INNEWS Comprehensive Report] The Malaysian Embassy in Cambodia issued a statement on Malaysian Chinese talk show actor Huang Jinyu (stage name: Uncle Roger) insulting Cambodian food on social media, stating that the Malaysian government refuted the offensive remarks of Malaysian Internet celebrities.

The talk show actor mentioned Southeast Asian food in a food production video posted on YouTube, saying that he does not like the food of “Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand” and that he will not buy fruit from these countries.

The Malaysian government stated: “We do not tolerate any speech or behavior that is harmful to others. Such speech leads the public in the wrong direction.”

The Cambodian Ministry of Tourism reacted strongly to the incident, demanding a public apology from the talk show performer and editing of the video. The Ministry of Tourism is working closely with relevant stakeholders and has notified the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to take relevant measures. However, the actor has not publicly apologized to Cambodia or corrected the video so far.

The Malaysian embassy in Cambodia issued a statement emphasizing that Malaysia and Cambodia have a strong, deep and broad multifaceted relationship, while attaching great importance to maintaining ASEAN principles. The two countries have maintained sound cooperation on the international and regional stages and are committed to maintaining a harmonious environment with foreign countries.