Prime Minister Hun Manet: Gradually modernize public schools in the next 10 years


[INNEWS Comprehensive Report] On October 5, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet attended the 26th Teachers’ Day celebration and announced that Cambodian public schools will gradually modernize in the next 10 years.

He emphasized that if the series of reforms being implemented by the Cambodian government are continued, not only will student discipline be improved, but human capital development will also take a solid step forward.

He said that the new Cambodian government has launched the first phase of the Pentagon strategy, the core of which is to improve the quality of education, sports, science and technology, and strengthen technical skills training to promote people’s health and well-being. He also pointed out that strengthening the social security system and food system is also an important task for the government.

Hun Manet praised public schools for their excellent performance in knowledge and morals, saying that schools have enough time to communicate with parents and students and carry out moral education work. He advocates setting aside two days a week for students to participate in social work.

He called on parents and teachers to establish a close relationship and jointly supervise their children’s growth and education. He also announced the launch of Model School Standards, which will help improve the quality of education and improve student behaviour.

Hun Manet emphasized that the establishment of the new government heralds higher education quality and better student discipline in all public schools, and there will no longer be obvious “good schools” and “bad schools”.

In addition, Hun Manet also emphasized the importance of selecting outstanding school principals and health center directors, who are regarded as key figures in leading the development of schools and health centers. He said principals set good examples for teachers, improved the learning environment in schools and brought teachers and principals together as parents.

Hun Manet also stressed the importance of selling food in schools that is good for students’ health and urged the Ministry of Education to expand the scope of the government-organized “Nutrition Program” to cover more schools to support the health of Cambodian students.