SweetD Takes The Spotlight As One Of The Exclusive Supporters Of Influence Launch Event


Phnom Penh, Cambodia – March 9, 2024 Influence: The Gateway to Multiverse Marketing’s much-anticipated launch was a huge success, bringing together a number of well-known people from the media and entertainment sectors. SweetD‘s exclusive sponsorship made the event—which aims to inspire and connect creative minds—possible.

Influence's champaign tasting moments

The night of the launching event was nothing short of magical. As guests arrived, they were greeted by an enchanting ambiance that set the stage for an evening filled with excitement and anticipation. His Excellency Neth Pheaktra, the Minister of Information for Cambodia, Princess Norodom Jenna of the Royal Family of Cambodia, Lok Oknha. Chav In Tor, the Chairman of the Khmer Holding Group and the Chairman of the Cambodia International Cooperation Department, Mr. Tommy, the Chairman of Liberty Group, Mr. Amo, the General Manager of Influence, Mrs. Tiffany, the Board Member of Influence and Deputy General Manager of Liberty Group, as well as Mr. Bafido, the General Manager of 1995 Studio, and other notable figures from the government, business, media, and other sectors were present. Attendees mingled, their conversations blending with the sounds of live music that added a touch of class to the atmosphere.

VIP Guests at Influence Launch Event

Throughout the night, guests were treated to captivating entertainment, interactive displays showcasing the new product, and engaging activities that kept everyone enthralled. The fantastic performance Princess Norodom Jenna delivered charmed the audience in particular and added an entertaining touch to the occasion.

Princess Jenna sings

Commencing with a ceremonial blessing dance that heightened the ambiance, heralding an evening of triumph and jubilation, the launch event also featured a variety of captivating spectacles. These included a groundbreaking holographic presentation, dance exhibitions by Arrow Plas, and culminated in an exhilarating lucky draw event, ensuring a night filled with entertainment and excitement.

Influence's Hologram performance

Lucky draw section

Since 2022, Sweet D Dessert, a dessert company from Hong Kong, has been conquering the Cambodian market. The original Hong Kong dessert, known as Sweet D Dessert or SweetD, has two large locations: Koh Pich City and Aeon Mall Sen Sok City. SweetD offers a variety of options for its patrons to choose from, including cake, ice cream, and fruit pudding cake. Given its mouthwatering taste and attractive store design, SweetD is quite well-known among adult Cambodians.

Sweet D stall

Influence is honored by the invaluable contribution of SweetD in ensuring the success of the Influence Launch Event. We take great pride in endorsing ambitious initiatives that challenge conventions and cultivate profound relationships. The collaboration with SweetD exemplified the capacity to unite individuals with shared visions, resulting in the creation of something truly exceptional through synergistic efforts. We express sincere gratitude for their collaboration and unwavering assistance in significantly contributing to the triumph of the Influence Launch Event.

Influence Media is sure that this fruitful collaboration has set the stage for other joint ventures, enabling us to keep cultivating a thriving community motivated by common interests and a dedication to quality.

Looking ahead, Influence sees potential for sustained collaboration that will yield positive outcomes and strengthen our professional relationship. We anticipate the opportunity to explore future collaborations that leverage our respective strengths and foster continued growth and innovation with other potential partners in this newly digitalized landscape!