The Grand Opening of the 2023 Cambodia Off-Road Festival! Over Three Days, Thousands of Participants Join In


From November 17th to 19th, the “2023 Cambodia Off-Road Festival” was grandly held in Cambodia’s Kirirom National Park. This event created an unforgettable experience for off-road enthusiasts, with over 70 off-road trucks and 500 passionate off-road fans gathering to showcase their skills in this challenging and exciting environment.

Kirirom National Park, with its unique geographical environment and beautiful natural landscapes, became the highlight of this event. Located in the southwest of the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh, the park covers an area of 3,500 hectares, and its highest peak reaches an altitude of 1,000 meters, providing a natural arena for off-road enthusiasts.

The event, spanning from November 17th to 19th and lasting for three days and two nights, attracted numerous off-road enthusiasts from both local and international backgrounds. Each off-road truck represented a different team. The event featured activities such as 4×4 truck displays, off-road races (including challenge-light and hardcore races), off-road product/petroleum displays (Heatbeat, ARB, Ironman, TJM, etc.), and wilderness camping. The off-road races were conducted on a team basis, with each team’s modified off-road vehicles allowed to bring in two participants, totaling 12 races (12 super stages/tracks).

In addition to the thrilling competitions, off-road enthusiasts received generous gifts at the Liberty Carz booth, ranging from premium water bottles to fashionable T-shirts and practical sunshades, ensuring everyone enjoyed a comfortable experience throughout the event. Furthermore, the Liberty Carz booth provided free beverage services, adding an extra layer of comfort for all participants.

Influence Media Company and Liberty Carz, as sponsors, provided significant support for the event. Their involvement brought clear and vivid images and videos to the audience, allowing more people to feel the passion and charm of off-road racing. The support from other automotive brands played a crucial role, not only adding highlights to the event but also contributing to the development of off-road culture.

The CAMBO4X4 Off-Road Club warmly welcomed off-road enthusiasts from around the world, encouraging everyone to participate in this grand event and explore the beauty of nature while challenging the limits of the tracks. The off-road adventure in Kirirom National Park is not just an event but a journey to explore, create, and spread new values in off-road culture. This event not only brought joy to drivers and fans but also ignited the unity and solidarity spirit of the off-road community.

Let’s look forward to the arrival of the next event together!