The National Assembly of Cambodia passes a new bill to promote the development of the civil aviation industry


[INNEWS Comprehensive Report] On the morning of October 9, Cheam Yeap, Acting Chairman of the National Assembly of Cambodia, presided over the first meeting of the Seventh National Assembly. The key agenda was to discuss and adopt the draft law establishing the Civil Aviation Secretariat. Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet attended the meeting.

After discussion, the National Assembly unanimously approved the draft law drafted by the Royal Government on the establishment of the State Secretariat for Civil Aviation.

According to reports, the draft law for the new Civil Aviation State Secretariat has 11 articles in total, which will replace the law establishing the Civil Aviation State Secretariat in 1996 and aims to promote and protect the management and development process of Cambodia’s civil aviation sector. As the country continues to develop and new civil aviation technologies advance, the Kingdom of Cambodia needs more sophisticated and complex laws to meet the additional requirements of ICAO member states.

The Cambodian civil aviation sector not only plays a key role in direct and indirect job creation, but also strongly supports and promotes the development of tourism, trade industries, attracting foreign investment and promoting domestic business. These contributions have undoubtedly played a positive role in promoting the country’s social and economic development, making the Cambodian economy full of confidence and vitality.

In addition, the civil aviation industry also plays an important role in promoting connections between people, countries and countries, and cultural exchanges around the world. This new draft law will provide a more solid legal foundation for the development of Cambodia’s civil aviation industry and further promote its prosperity and development.

After approval by the National Assembly, the draft law will be sent to the Senate for review and comments.

It is reported that in the parliament that day, the parliament particularly supported the adoption of emergency measures to help Cambodian citizens and international students living and studying in Israel.