The number of Hun Sen’s official TikTok followers has exceeded 500,000


[INNEWS Comprehensive Report] On September 1, the official TikTok account of Hun Sen, Chairman of the Cambodian People’s Party and Chairman of the King’s Supreme Advisory Council, has exceeded 500,000 followers in a short period of time.

It is reported that Hun Sen’s official TikTok account has been certified with a blue badge since July 4, 2023. Since then, the number of fans has increased exponentially. So far, the number of fans of Hun Sen’s official TikTok account has exceeded 500,000, and the number of likes has exceeded 5.5 million.

It is understood that among all the videos posted by Hun Sen’s official TikTok account, the video of him and his 21st granddaughter received the most likes, breaking through 7.4 million likes.

It should be mentioned that after Hun Sen announced the suspension of Facebook, he announced the opening of an official TikTok account on June 29, 2023.