The tuk-tuk driver yelled at passers-by with a stick in retrograde, and the result was tragic. …


[INNEWS Comprehensive Report] On the morning of August 15, a tuk-tuk driver in Phnom Penh collided with a car in the wrong direction, and then had a fierce quarrel with the owner. During the quarrel, the tuk-tuk driver even took out the iron rod from the car to threaten and intimidate the owner.

This video was also posted on the Internet by the onlookers, causing widespread heated discussions.

Many netizens exclaimed that this driver is simply like the boss of the underworld!

After investigation by the Phnom Penh police, the incident happened on Norodom Avenue (near the Ministry of Interior) in Phnom Penh.The police acted quickly and took the tuk-tuk driver to the police station for investigation that night. Netizens joked that the driver’s previous arrogance was in stark contrast to his cowardly appearance when he was arrested.

The tuk-tuk driver admitted to the incident during an investigation and is now in police custody.