The winner of the 2023 Miss Grand Cambodia Contest is announced!


​[INNEWS Comprehensive Report] On the evening of August 19th, the Miss Grand Cambodia competition ushered in a climax under a bright light. Under the attention of countless audiences, Phnom Penh beauty Phoem Sreyno successfully won the 2023 Miss Grand Cambodia crown with her elegant demeanor, wise speech and unrivaled beauty. At this moment, she became the focus of the entire stage and the pride of Cambodian women.

                                                                             Phoem Sreyno

This 25-year-old beautiful girl not only has an outstanding appearance, but also possesses profound connotation and talent. She will represent Cambodia in the 2023 International Miss Grand competition to be held in Vietnam this October. For Phoem Sreyno, this award is not only a recognition of her personal image, but also a compliment and encouragement to Cambodian women. The runner-up of the competition was won by Koy Anna from Kratie Province. This beautiful and talented beauty also showed an outstanding performance.

The third runner-up was Leakena In from Pailin Province. Her outstanding performance and elegance won warm applause from the audience. Sreynit Sou from Kampong Thom province and Men Nong Nith from Sihanoukville took third and fourth place respectively.

It is worth mentioning that the 10th Miss Grand Isabella Menin in 2022 also attended this competition as a special guest. She won the laurel crown with a glamorous attitude, adding infinite brilliance to this event. The presence of Isabella Menin undoubtedly added a lot to this contest, and made all the audience feel the charm and influence of the Miss International Contest.

                                               Phoem Sreyno

This grand competition has attracted a lot of attention, and audiences around the world are looking forward to seeing the new Miss Grand Cambodia. The Phnom Penh contestant Phoem Sreyno’s victory made people look forward to more charms she will show on the international stage. As a representative of Cambodian women, Phoem Sreyno will bring her beauty and wisdom to show the unique charm and cultural value of Cambodian women to the world. As the awards ceremony wraps up, Phoem Sreyno’s name will receive widespread attention and accolades across the globe. Her success story will inspire more Cambodian women to pursue their dreams and showcase their talents and charms.