US, Japanese and Chinese companies invest in Cambodia, expanding production chain


[INNEWS Comprehensive Report] On September 21, Sun Chanthol, Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia and First Vice Chairman of the Development Committee, inspected three companies operating production chains in the Royal Group Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone.

He pointed out that these American, Japanese and Chinese companies investing in Cambodia have achieved remarkable success and continue to prosper and develop.

Marvel Garment Co., Ltd, as China’s leading knitted apparel manufacturer, has invested in Cambodia since 2019, with an investment of approximately US$250 million, covering an area of 45 hectares, and creating 13,300 jobs. In addition, the company is constantly expanding its production chain. Sun Zhantuo said during the inspection that the company’s production chain has been improved and is expanding. Marvel Clothing (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. initially only had one factory, but now has three. factory and plans to expand the factory by another 40 hectares.

Minebea (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company and global manufacturer of high-precision electromechanical components for numerous industries. The company began investing in Cambodia in 2011 with an investment of approximately US$70 million, covering an area of 20 hectares and creating approximately 6,650 jobs.

Cambodia Beverage Company., Ltd. is the world-renowned Coca-Cola Company. The company has invested in Cambodia since 2014, with an investment of approximately US$100 million, covering an area of 12.5 hectares, and creating 230 jobs.

During the inspection, Sun Chanthol held talks with the management of these companies. He said that despite the many difficulties caused by the global epidemic, these companies have insisted on investing in Cambodia, which fully demonstrates their trust in the Cambodian government to maintain peace, political and macroeconomic stability.

Sun Chanthol praised the Cambodian Special Economic Zone Authority (CSEZB) and other ministries and agency representatives for regularly providing facilitation services to various investors, including practical and effective measures to simplify administrative procedures, import and export of goods, and improve workers’ living standards. He emphasized that these effective investment facilitation measures are part of the investment care services stipulated in Cambodia’s investment laws and sub-decree.

The New Kingdom government attaches great importance to private sector investment, and Deputy Prime Minister Sun Chanthol plans to directly visit and inspect factories, enterprises and companies investing in Cambodia in the future. The Development Council of Cambodia is a national agency responsible for managing investment in Cambodia. The Council will continue to promote more companies to take root in Cambodia in the future.